Good Cyber Hygiene Checklist for #CyberAware National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month in the United States and you can check out lots of great content by going to #CyberAware on Twitter or to my team's #CyberAvengers content. As my contribution to #CyberAware, I hope you find the following checklist to be helpful and all I ask of you in return is [...]

Cybersecurity Is a Human Nature Problem

When we think of cybercrime, cybersecurity, cyber[fill-in-the-blank], we need to remember there are two components: (1) the cyber, and (2) the other. The cyber part simply refers to the tool that is used or the target that is attacked. And, for Heaven's sake, please quit getting freaked out by the word "hack" -- hacking means unauthorized access [...]

NIST Cybersecurity Guidance for Small Business Likely Forthcoming

The US House of Representatives has passed legislation similar to that recently passed by the Senate that would require the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to produce cybersecurity guidance that will be aimed at helping small businesses. The NIST Small Business Cybersecurity Act of 2017 would include NIST’s creating guidelines, tools, and best [...]

Does blasting the SEC for failing to act on warnings help cybersecurity?

On the heels of the Equifax breach, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) disclosed on September 20, 2017, that it had been hacked way back in 2016. It further disclosed that about a month ago it learned the hackers may have used their access for illegal online trading. With the SEC's regulatory enforcement [...]

The #CyberAvengers

#CyberAvengers: Tips for responding to #cyberattacks and lessons on #cybersecurity survival

Read the #CyberAvengers’ recent article, Ransomware Spreading Like Crazy Worms, on,, or The #CyberAvengers website. _____________________________ The #CyberAvengers (Paul Ferrillo, Chuck Brooks, Kenneth Holley, George Platsis, George Thomas, Shawn Tuma, Christophe Veltsos) are a group of salty and experienced professionals who have decided to work together to help our country by defeating cybercrime and slowing down nefarious actors operating in cyberspace seeking […]