Texas Computer Crimes

Is Key Claim Missing from Pastor’s Lawsuit Over Wife’s Nude Pics Emailed to Swinger Site?

Should a claim for [YOU GUESS] have been included in this lawsuit? See my thoughts below and share your thoughts. The Allegations Behind the Lawsuit A legal team led by Gloria Allred made news by suing Toyota (and others) on behalf of a Frisco, Texas pastor and his wife, Tim  and Claire Gautreaux, alleging that a […]


Texas Broadens Unauthorized Access of Computer Law to Specifically Address Insider Misuse

Not that it was really needed, but Texas just amended its unauthorized access of computers law to specifically address misuse by insiders. I have always read the prior version (one of the broadest) as already prohibiting misuse by insiders. But, that is ok. As someone who regularly explains how these laws work to judges and juries, […]