“Thank You” to 2 Legal Leaders that I Respect

There are many ways to honor someone. For me, one of the greatest privileges is knowing that others have found some value or usefulness in my work, especially by referencing it to others. What is unfortunate, however, is when you did not learn about it for quite some time and realize you never properly thanked them!

So . . .  here I am in a meeting with an attorney and her clients to discuss my consulting with them (behind the scenes) to help the attorney with various cyber issues that are involved in the case. Now you already know that I consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable in the area of cyber law but even in this area, there is still a lot out there I do not know. An issue about the Wiretap Act comes up — specifically, the Texas version of the Wiretap Act — and I do not have a good answer for the question.

So . . . I change the subject momentarily while I do what any reasonable Texas attorney should do; I use my iPad to discretely pull up Judge Emily Miskel’s (@emilymiskel) very well-respected article that discusses this issue, Peeping Toms in the New Millennium: Digital Dos and Don’ts, that she co-authored with Mark I. Unger (@miunger) and Kristal C. Thomson.

In perusing Peeping Toms in the New Millennium (while maintaining normal conversation) I not only found the answer to the question that I was looking for, but I also discovered that the article included a reference to one of my blog posts, 3 Key Takeaways About Texas’ Unauthorized Access Law, that discusses the case Miller v. Talley Dunn Gallery, LLC.

Given the tremendous respect that I have for Judge Emily Miskel and Mark Unger (I have not met Kristal but she is in good company!), I was both humbled and honored. So, now, here is my proper “THANK YOU!

Finally, if you’re like me (and Judge Miskel, and Mark, and presumably Kristal) and you geek out on this kind of stuff and want further reading, let me direct you to my original blog post that discusses the Texas Breach of Computer Security and Harmful Access by Computer Act laws, which are explained in more detail than you could ever ask for starting on page 25 of this guide: Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and Texas Computer Crime Laws.


Shawn Tuma (@shawnetuma) is a business lawyer with an internationally recognized reputation in cybersecurity, computer fraud, and data privacy law. He is a Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Partner at Scheef & Stone, LLP, a full-service commercial law firm in Texas that represents businesses of all sizes throughout the United States and, through its Mackrell International network, around the world.

D CEO Magazine: Why Cybercriminals Are Targeting Law Firms

Many thanks to attorney and legal scholar extraordinaire John G. Browning (@therealjohnbrow) for quoting Shawn Tuma in his article in this month’s D CEO magazine: Why Cybercriminals Are Targeting Law Firms. Continue reading “D CEO Magazine: Why Cybercriminals Are Targeting Law Firms”

DFW Cybersecurity Attorney Shawn Tuma Named to D Magazine’s 2016 Best Lawyers List

DMag1Shawn Tuma, Cybersecurity & Data Protection Partner at Scheef & Stone, L.L.P., has earned selection to D Magazine’s 2016 listing of the Best Lawyers in Dallas based on his expertise in cybersecurity, privacy, and data protection where he was one of only eleven lawyers selected for the Digital Information Law category.

Here is Shawn’s individual listing. Shawn was also named as one of the top Intellectual Property Litigation Attorneys in Texas for 2015 by Texas Super Lawyers. The Super Lawyers 2016 list has not yet been released for publication. Continue reading “DFW Cybersecurity Attorney Shawn Tuma Named to D Magazine’s 2016 Best Lawyers List”

Texas Super Lawyers Honors Shawn Tuma

Texas Super Lawyers recognized Shawn Tuma as one of the top Intellectual Property Litigation Attorneys in Texas for 2015.

Mr. Tuma’s integrity, intensity, and drive for excellence have helped him become a nationally recognized thought-leader in cybersecurity, computer fraud, and information law.

In addition to being recognized by Texas Super Lawyers, Mr. Tuma was recently honored by being named one of D Magazine’s Best Lawyers in Dallas for Digital Information Law.

To compile the list, Texas Super Lawyers solicits nominations from more than 70,000 attorneys across Texas. A blue-ribbon panel of lawyers then assists with final selections, which represent no more than 5 percent of Texas attorneys. The list is published in the October issues of Texas Monthly and Texas Super Lawyers magazines and appears online at http://www.superlawyers.com/texas.

Rocky Dhir & Shawn Tuma - Cybersecurity at State Bar of Texas - Texas Bar TV

Rocky Dhir Interviews Shawn Tuma About Cybersecurity for Lawyers at State Bar of Texas 2015 Annual Meeting

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit with and get to know Rocky Dhir (@rockydhir) at the State Bar of Texas 2015 Annual Meeting in San Antonio. Rocky is the Founder and CEO of Atlas Legal Research, LP (@atlaslegal), “the world’s leading legal outsourcing company.”

Rocky and I did a brief interview where we talked about a lot of things — but also cybersecurity and, more specifically, cybersecurity for law firms. Rocky is a pro at this and he does them all of the time for the State Bar of Texas’ Texas Bar TV channel — and it really showed, but I had a great time doing it and, in the end, that’s what matters, right?

Thanks Rocky!

Excellent information and great company: check out AllClear ID’s “Resources” page

I have always been a fan of AllClear ID for being the best of the best at handling breach response logistics but now, I have to give them a shoutout for another reason. AllClear has a Resources page with some of the very best and most well-respected law firm blogs in the world.

While I am certainly not saying it is deserved, it is very much appreciated that they have chosen to include this blog — the Business Cyber Risk Law Blog — among such great company. Go check it out and you will see for yourself why this is such an honor.

Thank you AllClear ID!

Speaking on Cybersecurity Law, Risk & Compliance at Collin County Bench Bar Conference in Austin! #CCBBF

As you can see, I have had a whirlwind week of presentations with the IAIP Keynote on Tuesday, ACFE Fraud Conference on Friday, and then Saturday I finish it up in Austin at the Collin County Bench Bar Foundation’s Collin County Bench Bar Conference!

You Should Be Here!

The Bench Bar Conference is a really fun event that I spoke at last year (see Collin County Bench Bar Presentation on Cyber Risks to Lawyers #CCBBF) and I could not miss the opportunity to be a part of it again this year. To add to that, it is a real honor for me to share the stage and be presenting with so many well-respected legal jurists, scholars, and

Amazing Speakers!

To add to that, it is a real honor for me to share the stage and be presenting with so many well-respected legal jurists, scholars, and practitioners:

  • Hon. Eva Guzman, Justice, Supreme Court of Texas
  • Hon. Angela Tucker, Judge, 199th District Court, Collin County, Texas (@AttorneyTucker)
  • Hon. Jill Willis, Judge, 429th District Court, Collin County, Texas
  • Rep. Jason Villalba, Texas House of Representatives
  • Thomas Ashworth – Collin County District Attorney’s Office
  • Leah Boyd – ALARM
  • Kelly Crawford – Scheef & Stone, L.L.P.
  • David Clouston – Sessions Fishman Nathan & Israel
  • Melinda Eitzen – Duffee + Eitzen
  • Martin Thornthwaite, Strasburger & Price
  • Emily Miskel – Koons Fuller
  • Jeff Domen – Goranson Bain
  • Lee Bean
  • Charity Borserine
  • Penny Phillips

My Presentation

As I am sure you can imagine by now, my presentation will focus on cybersecurity law, mitigation, and compliance for both lawyers and businesses.

Stay Tuned for More

Check back soon for a blog or two about the event as well as the slides from my presentation.