Are Smaller Healthcare Practices Required to Report a Ransomware or Potential Data Breach?

Does the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule apply to all Covered Entities and Business Associates, Even Smaller Ones? To many of you reading this post this question seems ridiculous. You know the answer. However, I get asked this question so frequently that I decided to answer it with a blog post to save time next time [...]

What do holiday charities, school weather closings, social media and ransomware have in common?

Question: What do holiday charities, school closings,social media and ransomware have in common? Answer: They are all tools that cybercriminals use to steal money from you! Social engineering is a fancy way to describe old fashioned lying. It is what happens when bad guys use deception to get people to do something really dumb that they [...]

FBI Guidance: How to Respond to Ransomware

Spoiler Alert: According to the article below, in a recent podcast the FBI "warned against paying ransoms" and doesn't like to see companies pay the ransom because, the old law of supply and demand just means that ransomware is more profitable and, therefore, we see more of it. The reality is, however, once hit with ransomware, [...]