Facebook Requesting Your Nudies to Combat Revenge Porn – My Comments on TV

Recently, news broke that in an effort to combat online revenge porn, Facebook is requesting that you send them your nudie pics! Here are some comments I shared with the Morning Dose television program: https://youtu.be/NdsHydFm9zI

Lost Unencrypted USB of Heathrow Airport Security Files Exemplifies Poor Cyber Hygiene

Basic cyber hygiene has been a hot topic in cybersecurity, and for good reason. Most of the incidents that impact companies start with failures of basic cyber hygiene, not the super-sophisticated stuff of the movies. See Start with Cybersecurity Basics: Confirmed by Verizon's 2016 Data Breach Report. One of the most fundamental rules of cyber hygiene is [...]

3 Legal Points for InfoSec Teams to Consider Before an Incident

As a teaser to my presentation at SecureWorld - Dallas last week, I did a brief interview with SecureWorld and talked about three of the points I would make in my lunch keynote, The Legal Case for Cybersecurity. If you're going to SecureWorld - Denver next week, join me for the lunch keynote on Thursday (11/2) [...]

What do we in the United States really want from our cyber laws?

In my newsfeed are articles in prominent publications discussing the problems with the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act from very different perspectives. In the "the CFAA is dangerous for security researchers" corner we have White Hat Hackers and the Internet of Bodies, in Law360, discussing how precarious the CFAA (and presumably, the state hacking laws [...]

Checklist for Good Cyber Hygiene for #CyberAware National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month in the United States and you can check out lots of great content by going to #CyberAware on Twitter or to my team's #CyberAvengers content. As my contribution to #CyberAware, I hope you find the following checklist to be helpful and all I ask of you in return is [...]