Does the U.S. Need a Data Protection Authority? (a few of my thoughts)

I had a wonderful discussion about privacy in the US vis-a-vis privacy in the EU with Katherine Teitler (@katherinert15) in connection with her MIS Training Institute article Does the U.S. Need a Data Protection Authority? As with most things, I do not propose to have all of the answers. In fact, in our hour or [...]

WikiLeaks’ Vault7 CIA Hacking Tools Release Conundrum: The Politicization of Intelligence

For most Americans, the WikiLeaks Vault7 release of the CIA's hacking tools, techniques, and capabilities has created quite a conundrum. Here is how I see it: Cyber has become the primary weapon for warfare, revolutions, and politics. As a nation, those responsible for protecting our nation must maintain superiority in that realm vis-a-vis other nations, [...]

WikiLeaks and CIA’s Russian Hacking Tools & Techniques: Was it really the Russians?

In the wake of WikiLeaks' Vault7 release of documents revealing the CIA's hacking tools, I must revisit a key section of a post from September 2016. The section was about the convenience of blaming "the Russians" given the craze of attributing everything wrong in the cyber world to the seemingly omnipresent "Russians." See: “SHAME HACKING” [...]

“Shame Hacking” Liberal Groups — Is It Really Russian Hackers Doing It?

But it's the Russians! The ubiquitous Russians are at it again, or, so we are being told. You know, the Russian hackers who are everywhere, doing everything nefarious in the world, and victimizing poor little helpless "us" here in the United States . . . BREAKING!  Wikileaks: CIA 'Stole' Russian Malware, Uses It to ‘Misdirect Attribution’ [...]