What do holiday charities, school weather closings, social media and ransomware have in common?

Question: What do holiday charities, school closings,social media and ransomware have in common? Answer: They are all tools that cybercriminals use to steal money from you! Social engineering is a fancy way to describe old fashioned lying. It is what happens when bad guys use deception to get people to do something really dumb that they [...]

Kim Kardashian’s Lesson on the Relationship Between Physical and Cybersecurity

While the story of Kim Kardashian being robbed at gun-point while in Paris, France has created quite a stir in pop culture, it has lessons to learn about cybersecurity as well. First and foremost, it demonstrates the integral interplay between cybersecurity and physical security and how people need to always maintain situational awareness of how their [...]

Tips for Parents to Help Keep Kids Safe Online

  I was recently asked to talk about online safety tips that parents should understand to help keep their children safe in the online world. Here are some of my talking points: Understand that this is social engineering in many cases -- these are bad people who are deceiving children into doing what they would [...]

Computer Use Policies – Are Your Company’s Illegal According to the NLRB?

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has continued its assault on businesses and their ability to legitimately protect their computer systems and information against unauthorized non-business use by employees. A few weeks ago, I wrote 3 Important Points on Computer Policies in which I stressed (1) why your company must have them but (2) that [...]

Social Media Malware: What Is It and How do You Avoid It?

Guest Post by Cassie Phillips You can’t have spent more than a week on the internet without hearing about malware and its adverse effects on your computer or even your smartphone (smartphone malware is on the rise as well). Perhaps you’ve even had to spend half a day cleaning it off your computer yourself. It [...]