Who Am I?

Who am I? Isn’t this something that we should all ask about ourselves? When I do, I feel like I should start my answer with who I am on the inside because to me that is generally the most important, right?

Behind my faith in God, I have two “life quotes” that guide me in all that I do. If you understand them, you will understand quite a bit about me.

First, the Parable of the Talents found in the Bible, Matthew 25:13-30, which has always compelled me to use to the very best of my ability the talents, abilities, resources, and blessings that God has given me. “For the man who uses well what he is given shall be given more, and he shall have abundance.” Matthew 25:29. To try and live in a way that honors this mission makes it very easy to find the drive and motivation to do my very best in all that I do.

Second, the great Vince Lombardi who said: “I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is the moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle-victorious.” For now, I am going to let this quote speak for itself — and it speaks volumes. But I do have a special meaning and purpose that I take from this quote that may not be so obvious. When I have a little more time, I’ll explain it — or I may write a whole blog about just that — what do you think?

Now that you understand a little more about who I am on the inside, here is the basic info:

My name is Shawn Edward Tuma. I am very lucky to be married to Rachel Nicole Tuma and forever blessed to be the father of the absolute most amazing children in the world: Katherine, Clara, Christopher, Ryan, Andrew, and Seth. We live in The Colony, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, Texas.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to hearing from you!

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