Cybersecurity and #IoT – Hackers Steal Over 100 Cars With a Laptop

We have been talking about hacking cars on this blog since 2011 (see posts) so the idea of thieves stealing a car by hacking their way into its computer system is no big surprise. This is the reality of cybersecurity in the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), and cars are just one more [...]

A Hacker Can Takeover A Car Through Its Computer System — What About An Airplane?

Hackers can take over cars by hacking into their on board computer systems. Does it not stand to reason that they could do the same thing to an airplane? Maybe, maybe not, but a recent ruling by the FAA shows this was a concern for Boeing Model 777-200. May 18, 2015 Update: This post was [...]

You should know this > “What do connected cars and toilets have in common?”

What do connected cars and toilets have in common? That is the title to a recent Blog Post about an upcoming presentation at VMWorld 2013, Barcelona and, when I read it, I just had to quiz my readers to see who remembered ... Come on now, you do know the answer to this question, right? I [...]

Hackers continue to exploit vulnerabilities in car computer systems

A couple of years ago I blogged about (what was then) the hypothetical question of whether hacking a car would violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Since that time we have seen the idea of hacking a car become a reality.  I have written updated blog posts in shared a video showing how hackers [...]

Car Hacking Is Very Real and Can Be Very Deadly — Watch This Video Of How To Do It

It is really quite simple: Modern cars are controlled by computers -- everything, from the accelerator to the brakes to the steering to the windows to the locks -- take over the computer, you take complete control over the car. The idea of hacking a car is no longer fantasy. It is real. It can [...]