You should know this > “What do connected cars and toilets have in common?”

What do connected cars and toilets have in common? That is the title to a recent Blog Post about an upcoming presentation at VMWorld 2013, Barcelona and, when I read it, I just had to quiz my readers to see who remembered …

Come on now, you do know the answer to this question, right? I have blogged about hacking cars several times and, if you heard my presentation to the Privacy, Data Security, and eCommerce Committee of the State Bar of Texas back in August then you certainly should remember. [Presentation / hint: see slides 26 & 27 below] Do you remember now?

That is right, we are starting to see both “wired” cars and toilets that (a) have microprocessors and/or store data, and (b) are connected to the Internet, which means (c) under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act they are considered to be “protected computers” and, (d) therefore, if wrongfully accessed (through the system, not physically) are covered by the CFAA. There you go – have a great day!

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