Think your company’s IT is too sophisticated to be hit with a ransomware attack? Think again.

internet-3629639_1920A lot of business executives — and far too many IT professionals — think that their company’s IT systems are too sophisticated and well-maintained for their company to have a successful ransomware attack against it. They think their company is doing it all right and this is only the kind of stuff that happens to “the other guys.”

Do you think that? Do you think your team has it all under control and ransomware — or other cyberattacks — are not something your company should be concerned with?

Let’s get this straight right now: No company is immune from this risk. No company has it all figured out. No company is completely secure, I don’t care how sophisticated you may think you are. You may think you are doing it all right and you may be trying really, really hard to do so, but, ransomware is still the single greatest risk your company faces (read why).

Do you not believe me?

Then let me ask you this: Do you think Honda is a sophisticated company that, likely, has sophisticated IT systems and teams of folks who try really hard to get it right? I think so, and guess what? Honda just got hit.

Honda was forced to suspend global production for a day due to a cyberattack that infiltrated the company’s internal servers in Tokyo, Financial Times reports. Honda detected the virus on Monday and was forced to send some employees home for the day as the attack impacted email and other systems in plants around the world. Cyberattack forces Honda to suspend global production for a day

If it can happen to Honda, it can happen to your company. Take this seriously.

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