How will the #COVID19 #coronavirus #coronapocolypse impact the future of how we do life?

When has society ever moved forward, technologically speaking, and then gone back to the old ways of doing things?

Think about the long term impact all of these closings and remote work / school / etc are going to have on our society. Many companies have had long-term plans to implement these things but now they are doing so in a hurry. Do you think that, when we get past it, we are all of a sudden say, let’s just go back to doing it the old way?

Most probably will. But, for better or worse, I have to wonder if we won’t see decisions for a meaningful number of these roles to stay that way even after we get past this #coronavirus #coronapocolypse crisis.

There will be a lot of loss and hardship, but, there will also be a lot of opportunity. Now is the time for all of us to be ready to be agile and adapt and overcome.

Now is also time for us to be thinking more about cybersecurity, cyber risk, and good cyber hygiene on not only an organization, but also an individual level. Hackers are opportunists and many have already begun adapting their tactics to target those working from home. We must all be vigilant – you can start with these 19 tips on this Good Cyber Hygiene Checklist.

For information regarding the current crisis see:

Spencer Fane LLP’s COVID-19 Response Toolkit

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) continues to have an impact on the day-to-day operations of Spencer Fane clients, and organizations of all kind are grappling with how to best prepare for the uncertainty caused by this global pandemic.

Spencer Fane has developed a COVID-19 resource page to provide employers, health care providers, and individuals with the most current and dependable information available, including regulatory guidance and advisories, recent news, preparedness checklists, and bulletins issued by state and federal government agencies.

To view this toolkit and other resources offered by Spencer Fane, please click here.

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