The #CyberAvengers Playbook (free download)

CyberAvengers Playbook CoverThe #CyberAvengers recently published The #CyberAvengers Playbook: The Non-Technical, No-Nonsense Guide for Directors, Officers, and General Counsels. This book was sponsored by FireEye which has made this free download available on its website.

While you’re at it, check out The #CyberAvengers website and join in the #CyberAvengers discussion on Twitter!


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The #CyberAvengers (Paul FerrilloChuck BrooksKenneth HolleyGeorge PlatsisGeorge ThomasShawn TumaChristophe Veltsos) are a group of salty and experienced professionals who have decided to work together to help our country by defeating cybercrime and slowing down nefarious actors operating in cyberspace seeking to exploit whatever their tapping fingers can get a hold of. How? We do this by raising our collective voices on issues critical importance so that we can keep this great country in the lead – both economically and technologically – and to keep it safe and secure. All the issues are intertwined and more complex than ever, which is why we have differing backgrounds but have a common cause. We complement each other, we challenge each other, and we educate each other. What do we get out of writing articles like this? Nada. Goose egg. We are friends. We are patriots. And we are not satisfied to sit around and do nothing. We want to keep this nation and its data safe and secure.

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