3 More Key Cybersecurity Takeaways General Counsel Should Learn Learn from Yahoo

The lessons that general counsel can learn from the Yahoo data breach just keep coming. A month ago I published 5 Key Takeaways from Verizon’s GC on Lessons Learned from Yahoo Deal and recently I read Yahoo’s Warning to GCs: Your Job Description Just Expanded (Big-Time), which I found to be excellent.

Here are 3 key cybersecurity takeaways that general counsel should learn that are described more in that article. The explanation in the article is very good and the author provides actionable recommendations — I encourage you to read the entire article:

  1. The general counsel has emerged as the most logical and effective quarterback of data breach response.
  2. Yahoo’s actions not only signal the evolution of a new standard of care for general counsel when it comes to cybersecurity but also signal a vast expansion of general counsel oversight. 
  3. Cybersecurity presents every bit, if not more risk than financial reporting failure, and should receive the same level of oversight and audit.


Shawn Tuma (@shawnetuma) is a business lawyer with an internationally recognized reputation in cybersecurity, computer fraud, and data privacy law. He is a Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Partner at Scheef & Stone, LLP, a full-service commercial law firm in Texas that represents businesses of all sizes throughout the United States and, through its Mackrell International network, around the world.

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