Improving Your Cybersecurity Plan, Explained by Paul Ferrillo in WSJ

The Wall Street Journal did an interview of my friend, collaborator, prolific author, and the the original Cyber Patriot, Paul Ferrillo to discuss how companies can make their cybersecurity plan better. Here is the full article: Making Your Cybersecurity Plan Better

Paul and I are both firm believers in focusing on the basics so that is all you really need to know to make you want to read the article. Beyond that, I’m not going to spoil it here by giving away all of the answers but here are some of the topics that Paul explains in more detail in the article:

  • What are the biggest mistakes companies make when it comes to thinking about and executing on a cybersecurity plan?
  • Why companies have trouble communicating about cybersecurity issues.
  • What companies can do to improve their communications.
  • Whether boards are getting better about cybersecurity issues.
  • Where companies are falling short in training employees about cybersecurity.
  • How companies should think about cybersecurity in the new Trump administration.

Go read the article Making Your Cybersecurity Plan Better and give Paul a shoutout on Twitter (@PaulFerrillo) or LinkedIn (Profile) or on this LinkedIn post and let him know what you think!


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