To all Veterans, thank you very much for

To all Veterans, thank you very much for your service to our country!

2 thoughts on “To all Veterans, thank you very much for

  1. And to those of us who have so greatly benefited from the service and sacrifice of our veterans, we should redouble our efforts to learn their stories. We have already lost the generation that knew, first-hand, World War 1 (whic 95th Anniversary of its’ end is today, which 100th Anniversary of its’ start is next August). We are rapidly losing those from World War 2 (75th Anniversary of the start of WW2 next September, 70th Anniversary of many famous battles including The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot and The Battle Of The Bulge). We need to pass their experiences on, before (as I wrote in my blog today – cheap plug there) our history turns to hearsay.
    Thanks for this post!

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