My Interview With Cordell Parvin

This is an interview in which i talk about how i have been working to become more effective at developing my computer fraud, data breach, and privacy expertise and expanding my practice in these areas, as well as the other areas of my practice. The interview was done by Cordell Parvin, a fabulous “lawyer coach” who has been helping me work on these things.

Before we get to the interview, I would like to say that Cordell has been a tremendous help to me and I would encourage you to check out both his website and his blog. Because I have found the experience to be very valuable and want to share as much about it as I can, I have written two blogs covering a little of what I have learned:

OK, here is the interview that Cordell did and put on a podcast. You can find it HERE

I hope you have a chance to listen to the interview and please, if you have any questions or comments about anything we discussed, from my practice to the coaching, do not hesitate to give me a call. As you can tell, I am very passionate about these things and I love sharing my experiences with others — I’d love to do the same with you!

Finally, as you can probably tell, Cordell really has a spirit for helping others and he is now trying to help a single mother and her son to get ahead in life by committing the proceeds from the sale of his books for helping them. If you have a chance, take a look at his books and consider purchasing a few — it is for a very worthy cause. You can find the books by clicking HERE — thank you!

8 thoughts on “My Interview With Cordell Parvin

  1. I need to get my sound card fixed first, but I’ll look at the blogs – hopefully Sunday, when my “blog circle” is quieter.
    Don’t suppose you, or any of your colleagues, would be interested in a challenging Social Security case, trying to get a very handsome and intelligent man declared eligible for Social Security due to his chronic migraine headaches. And maybe they’ll work for me, as well! 😉

      1. Thanks, Shawn! I’ll fill out the form and see where we can get. (The wife has some of that info squirreled away, I don’t know where.) So, do I owe you a 10% finder’s fee of any money he gets me? 😉
        By the by, where are you geographically located (just in general, no details necessary)? Just for my own rampant curiosity.
        Once again, thanks for the assist!

      2. Ha — no John, you do not owe me anything my friend! I try to live my life, both personally and professionally, by the “do right rule” — that is, do what you can to help others, when you can, and trust in the Lord to take care of you — and it’s worked out pretty good so far! Just as with you and I, Marc and I have developed a nice relationship via Twitter and it is a pleasure to be able to connect people together in this kind of way that helps everyone involved — this is the essence of what social media should be about!

      3. I was just over on a discussion board I frequent, on the PHP Planet site, and I saw an ad for Mr. Whitehead’s site! Seems I need to pay more attention to those banner ads I usually blow off! 😀

  2. Shawn, listened to the interview and must say – “Very impressive!”. That was an excellent interview and we enjoyed listening to it very much. Great job and look forward to hearing and/or reading more about this problem area. I am sure that with your expertise and the more businesses become aware of what is happening to them, that you and your business in this area will grow tremendously.

    1. Thank you very much Bob, I really appreciate it. It is definitely a problem area that all businesses need to be looking out for because it can be catastrophic with just one attack! I hope you are doing great today!

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