We Are The Biggest Security Risk To Our Companies

“We are the weakest link.”

Wow, this is certainly the theme of the last few weeks — people are realizing that the biggest threat to companies’ security defenses are the people people inside the companies. You may recall that I discussed this issue in two blogs about this over the last couple of weeks:

Having written on this subject, I was delighted to see a very thorough and well written article in the Wall Street Journal by Geoffrey A. Fowler entitled What’s a Company’s Biggest Security Risk? You. Fowler starts with the premise that “we are the weakest link”, and I agree, and he goes on to explain the nature of the problem and provides several concrete examples of how hackers, spies, fraudsters, and phishers are praying on our own human weaknesses to find ways to penetrate companies elaborate security system through what is called social engineering. Fowler concludes that the solution to the problem is not more technology but, instead, human solutions such as increased employee vigilance and awareness.

My brief summary does not do Fowler’s article justice — it is a great article that is loaded with information on this subject that should be of interest to everyone engaged in business. Take a few minutes and go read the article.

5 thoughts on “We Are The Biggest Security Risk To Our Companies

  1. I’m amazed at the number of people who STILL ask me about “offers” they get online. I receive a newsletter from the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois, and even these multiple-PhD physicists fall prey to phishing attempts, as is reflected at least weekly in their newsletter.
    I know the old saw of “It if doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t:” might sound a little tired, but it’s still the best recommendation. And always look at where a link is leading you – just because the Email has a Citicorp or Bank Of America logo at the top, doesn’t mean it’s REALLY from them!

    1. You are exactly right John. My wife received an email from “FedEx” a few months ago to arrange for a pickup — I saw it for what it was everything was all redirected to other addresses — fortunately she didn’t open it!

      1. You are so correct Shawn, we also have received emails that appear to be from someone you feel you can trust. Until you hover over the address and you can spot exactly where it is going to lead you. Not what or where you originally thought, which is exactly what they are wanting you to do and think. It pays to be cognizant of what is about to happen to you and be very observant.

      2. That is exactly right — I just got one today from someone pretending to be from the FBI and saying all I had to do was send them some money and then they would send me trunk loads of it … hmmmmm … wonder why it didn’t come from a .gov domain??? 🙂

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