3 Important Questions Your Company Must Answer After A Data Breach

Riddle: What has sensitive data, is the target of cyber criminals, and will (almost certainly) have a data breach? Answer: YOUR COMPANY! When your company has a data breach, these are the top 3 questions that you will be required to answer: How did the breach happen? What steps did your company take before the breach [...]

3 Steps for Obtaining Trade Secrets in Discovery

When can a competitor use litigation to find out your company's trade secret information? Let me explain it this way ... What if it was your businesses' valuable information? Pause for a moment and imagine that your business is the industry leading innovator in its field because, through your effort and resources, you have developed secret tricks and techniques [...]

Why is PNC Bank Accusing Morgan Stanley of Corporate Espionage and Trade Secret Theft?

I often write about corporate espionage and trade secrets but I bet some of you may still be trying to imagine real-world scenarios that demonstrate exactly what those terms mean and how they apply. Let me tell you a story and see if it helps it make more sense. Let's Talk About Your Business Let's say [...]

A Hacker Can Takeover A Car Through Its Computer System — What About An Airplane?

Hackers can take over cars by hacking into their on board computer systems. Does it not stand to reason that they could do the same thing to an airplane? Maybe, maybe not, but a recent ruling by the FAA shows this was a concern for Boeing Model 777-200. May 18, 2015 Update: This post was [...]

Yes, Texas is a good state for plaintiffs to bring a CFAA claim.

Is Texas a good state for a plaintiff to bring a Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) claim? Yes it is, and a recent case reaffirms that the Federal District Courts in Texas are generally favorable jurisdictions for plaintiffs with CFAA claims because of two key issues, access and loss jurisprudence. On February 3, 2014, the [...]