You should know this > “What do connected cars and toilets have in common?”

What do connected cars and toilets have in common? That is the title to a recent Blog Post about an upcoming presentation at VMWorld 2013, Barcelona and, when I read it, I just had to quiz my readers to see who remembered ... Come on now, you do know the answer to this question, right? I [...]

Private Facebook posts are protected by the SCA unless voluntarily provided by friends with access

There may be some notion of privacy in your private Facebook wall but it is at the whim of your 498 friends -- is it really? A district court recently determined that Facebook wall posts are covered by the Stored Communications Act if the privacy settings are set to limit access to only friends. However, [...]

Read this explanation of cyber espionage and how it impacts YOUR company

This morning I read an article that I am sharing because it is, in essence, a very high-level overview of the theme of the presentations that Jarrett Kolthoff, David Major, and I recently delivered at the Combating Corporate Espionage: Protecting Your Organization From "hackers, insiders & fraudster" seminar. The article is Blame game: Cyber espionage from [...]

Presentation slides for Parenting Paper<less Conference on Digital Information Law Issues

Business Cyber Risk Blog

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at the Parenting Paper<less – Technology and Single Parenting Conference 2013 and all I can say is the audience was amazing. I discussed the digital information law issues including social media law and intellectual property law (with a dose of contract law!). The audience was so engaged, so interested to learn more, and had so many great questions and examples of real-life scenarios where they had experienced some of the issues I was discussing. It was a real pleasure to speak to that group of wonderful people. Anyway, as promised, here are the slides for my presentation: The Law Online – Posting Gone Wild!

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