Insider Misuse of Computers: No Big Deal? It Can Be a Data Breach, Ask Boeing

Insider misuse triggers a breach just like outside hackers. When a company’s information is compromised because of insider[1] misuse of computers or information, regardless of insider’s intentions, the result for the company and the data subjects of that information is often the same as if it were an attack by an outside adversary – it [...]

Learn More About the NLJ’s Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Trailblazers for Data Privacy Day!

What better way is there to celebrate Data Privacy Day than by learning more about the most recent list of Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Law Trailblazers as published by the National Law Journal? If you are so inclined, here you go: Trailblazers!

Is Key Claim Missing from Pastor’s Lawsuit Over Wife’s Nude Pics Emailed to Swinger Site?

Should a claim for [YOU GUESS] have been included in this lawsuit? See my thoughts below and share your thoughts. The Allegations Behind the Lawsuit A legal team led by Gloria Allred made news by suing Toyota (and others) on behalf of a Frisco, Texas pastor and his wife, Tim  and Claire Gautreaux, alleging that a [...]

Can Parties be Excluded from the Courtroom in Trade Secrets Cases?

The Texas Supreme Court recently addressed the question of when a competitor's corporate representative can be excluded from the courtroom in a trade secrets case.  In In re M-1, LLC, the Court held that due process requires a trial court to balance the competing interests of the parties at stake when determining whether to exclude a [...]

Cyber Trial Lawyer Lesson: Stick With the Chronological Story

There is a well-known rule among experienced trial lawyers: when presenting your case, you always tell your story of the case in a chronological order unless there is an exceptional reason not to. The problem is, for most of us, the deeper we get into a case and the further into the weeds we get, [...]