Is #ShameHacking Coming Next? Hackers Breach Search Engine for Japanese Sex Hotels

Life is short – it is shorter when hackers tell your spouse

Shame hacking — the use, or threatened use, of purportedly hacked data for embarrassing or extorting people by threatening to expose such compromising data if they do not comply with the demands made of them — is a thing.

A search engine for Japanese sex hotels just announced a breach whereby hackers may have accessed individuals’ details such as real names, email addresses, login credentials (usernames and passwords), birth dates, gender information, phone numbers, home addresses, and payment card details.

How sensitive is this information? To determine that one only needs to look and see what a Japanese “sex hotel” is: “Love hotels are hotels built and operated primarily for allowing guests privacy for sexual activities. Love hotels, also known as sex hotels, are used by both married couples and cheating spouses, alike, and are found all over the world, but they are particularly popular in East Asia, and especially Japan.”

Sounds a lot like the Ashley Madison case, doesn’t it? What do you think the odds are that the hackers who got this data will use it for #ShameHacking?

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