Cybersecurity Is a Human Nature Problem

When we think of cybercrime, cybersecurity, cyber[fill-in-the-blank], we need to remember there are two components: (1) the cyber, and (2) the other. The cyber part simply refers to the tool that is used or the target that is attacked. And, for Heaven’s sake, please quit getting freaked out by the word “hack” — hacking means unauthorized access — like breaking into a liquor store, but to a computer instead.

I believe the cyber threat is the biggest threat our society currently faces. It is very real and very serious. But, using a bunch of hype and distortion to create hysteria and confusion (whether for business, political, or other purposes) does not help anybody and certainly does not help us combat this problem.

In 2010, I wrote an article explaining that computer fraud is nothing more than deception, which has been a part of human nature from the dawn of time, accomplished through the use of a computer. Cyber provides new tools for old tricks. Cybercriminals are the same as criminals of old with their bad hearts, bad motives, and bad actions — that is, their bad human nature.

Cybersecurity is a human nature problem. We will solve the cybersecurity problem when we solve the human nature problem, until then, bad people will always be looking for new ways to accomplish their nefarious purposes and we, on the good side, will have to be vigilant in guarding against them. This is a journey for which there is no known destination and we are all in this together. Keep your eye on the ball and get to work!

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