7 Strategies To Win the Cyber “Space Race” – Cybersecurity Policy Ideas for Trump Administration

“To truly make America safe, we must make cybersecurity a major priority for both the government and the private sector.”  -Donald Trump

Taking a page from the “avoidance of disaster handbook,” the article below sets out 7 strategies that both your company (and the government of the United States) could pursue to better protect its networks, intellectual property and personally identifiable information. Yes, some of these strategies involve government funding, tax credits, or government involvement. But isn’t that the point of the cybersecurity race? We need to prove our cybersecurity and cyber defense is second to none.”

In 7 Strategies To Win the Cyber “Space Race”, well-respected cybersecurity thinker Paul Ferrillo (@PaulFerrillo) and I share some of our thoughts on how to win the Cyber “Space Race” based on recent examples we can all learn from as well as a few suggestions for cybersecurity policy that we would like to see from the new Trump Administration. For reference, here is President-Elect Trump’s vision for cybersecurity during his campaign.

Our purpose is to ignite a debate that will vet these ideas as well as lead to more ideas from other thought leaders who are willing to engage in this discussion along with us. Please, share your thoughts, whether good or bad,  in the comments to this post or to the article itself, via Twitter, LinkedIn, or the Cybersecurity Business Law Facebook Page.

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