4 Ways to Engage Executives in Cyber Risk

The CIO Journal has an informative article, 4 Ways to Engage Executives in Cyber Risk, that discusses a handful of ideas that can be helpful for engaging company executives on the issue of cybersecurity risks. Here are the 4 steps it suggests:

  1. Host a cyber risk heat-mapping session
  2. Establish key risk and performance indicators
  3. Simulate a cyber incident
  4. Scrutinize the security implications of new technologies

All are very good and the article offers a nice explanation for each step.


Shawn Tuma (@shawnetuma) is a business lawyer with an internationally recognized reputation in cybersecurity, computer fraud and data privacy law. He is a Cybersecurity & Data Protection Partner at Scheef & Stone, LLP, a full-service commercial law firm in Texas that represents businesses of all sizes throughout the United States and, through its Mackrell International network, around the world.

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