Tweeting a Copyrighted Photograph Does Not Make it Fair Game for Others to Use

When someone posts their copyrighted photograph, that photograph does not become publicly available. It continues to be protected by copyright. Other people cannot then take that photograph and publish it for other purposes. See the following for more information: Judge: News agencies shouldn’t have used Twitter photos | Internet & Media – CNET News.


  1. John Erickson

    You have to be VERY careful about photo use. A friend of mine, who’s been blogging on WordPress for almost three years, with more than 1 post per day, with about 3 photos/cartoons per post he pulled from search engines, had his blog site closed by WordPress. For two, yes, TWO violations, where someone wrote to him and/or WordPress asking him to credit the photo or pull it down, which he did as soon as he found out. Three years of this guy’s life (he’s disabled and used the humourous blog as part of his therapy for depression) down the tubes, because he didn’t properly credit just two photographs. (Hmm, reading over what I just typed, I sound just a TAD bit biased….)
    Be careful what you grab off the Net!

    1. Shawn E. Tuma

      You are exactly right John. Copyright violations are very serious business — people must be careful with what pictures they use or they could get them into serious trouble. Sorry to hear that about your friend.

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