Tension is Not Always Bad

Tension is something we have grown to hate because it is usually viewed as a bad thing. But is it really so bad?

Too much surely is – just like the belt on a car engine – if the tension is too high, it keeps the parts from working the way they should and causes them to wear out prematurely. Sounds a lot like many of our daily lives, doesn’t it?

But, think about when there is no tension on that belt – when there is no force holding it into place. Then, it just sits there spinning freely, not doing what it was designed to do. This too sounds a lot like our daily lives, doesn’t it?

Balance – just enough but not too much – seems to be the key.

Can you find it?

One thought on “Tension is Not Always Bad

  1. Finding balance is good, but not the full answer. I have a fairly decent balance right now, especially between income and expenses. The problem is, that balance is purchased by living in the redneck wilds of SE Ohio. I’d LOVE to find a different level of balance, somewhere that the level of income (and IQs) were JUST a bit higher.
    Besides, you need to figure out what your real tensions are. I thought having 747s roar over my house at about 100 feet was a cause of tension. Ten years of empty skies later, and oh, how I MISS having my pictures rattled off the wall every 90 seconds! 😀

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