What the Giants’ Season Can Teach Us About Life

Adversity is good. The real test is how you perform when it is all on the line.

The Giants’s football season shows us that you do not always have to be the best at every step along the journey. This is the story of life.

You can have failures, setbacks, and adversity along the way and just because you do, it doesn’t mean you are not going to reach your goal. In fact, they are good for you if used properly. If you do not quit and you can overcome those things, grow from them, and learn from them, the strength of character you will gain will help you be better when it really matters — in the end when it is all on the line. Then, even if you get down, you can always think back and remember that you have fought through hell before and made it through it, and you can do it again; this is powerful and makes you much more formidable.

Don’t quit. Learn from the adversity. Let it strengthen your character and prepare you for the performance that matters the most. Then show up and do what you are there to do: deliver.

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