BrittonTuma — our new law firm is finally here!

Friends – I apologize for my rather sparse blogging lately but I promise, it has been for a good reason! I have been busy preparing to launch a new law firm starting tomorrow — BrittonTuma — and I think you will like what we are all about! And, if you don’t, please tell us how we can make it better because our goal is to evolve when necessary to be the very best law firm there is to meet businesses’ ever-changing needs.

Mick Britton and I have started BrittonTuma with a very simple mission in mind: to provide our clients with outstanding service and results in the most efficient manner possible. How, you may wonder? By starting with our nearly 50 years of business law experience, delivering that experience with state of the art technology and techniques combined with the good old fashioned excellence that our clients expect and deserve. In other words, we do not just want satisfied clients — we want Raving Fans! So please, if you have ideas on how we can do something just a little bit better, please tell us!

There is a lot more I can say about it, and will, but I will just have to ask you to stay tuned for now because we have lots of work to do tonight to prepare for the Cure For Clara Golf Tournament tomorrow — we hope to see you there!

4 thoughts on “BrittonTuma — our new law firm is finally here!

  1. Shawn, congratulations to both you and Mick on your venture into the business world and opening your own office. What an awesome adventure to be striking out on!

    BTW I really like your new logo as well, very nicely done.

    I know you and the work ethic that you have and how you put your “whole self” into any project or case that comes your way. I can attest that it is doubtful that clients of BrittonTuma will be disappointed.

    We will be pulling for you and will be in your corner anytime you need us, plus you can be assured that you will always have our prayers.


    1. Bob, thank you very much for your kind words and please know that both Mick and I really appreciate it – especially your comment about the logo which is what all of our other web presence related sites will revolve around.

      As for the clients of our new firm, I certainly hope you are right and I really appreciate that. If there is one thing that I will not be lacking on, it is effort towards my client causes. I know Mick is the same way and that is why our partnership is such a great match. Thank you for your prayers and your vote of confidence … Now just keep those prayers coming!

    1. John, I sincerely apologize for the delay in responding to your comment but I have to admit, life has been a blur for the last couple of weeks! Nonetheless, I wanted to make sure and thank you for your kind! I hope you’re doing well.

      – Shawn

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