“Is the CIA spying on me?” “What do I do?” (radio interviews)

WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 revelation of the CIA’s hacking tools has created quite a stir. Paranoia ensued and many people are now worried about whether the CIA is spying on them through their televisions and coffee makers. In fact, one video has gone viral in which a woman asks her Amazon Alexa, “Alexa, are you connected to the CIA?” and Alexa shuts down instead of answering.

Fox_News_Radio_logoAs a contributor to Fox News Radio on cybersecurity issues, I was invited to discuss the implications of this revelation on several radio programs. Here is the audio and I would appreciate it if you would share your thoughts in the comments below:

Live on the radio on 820 WBAP in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex

Live on the radio on 700 WLW in Cincinnati

Live on the radio on 97.7 WTKS in Savannah, Georgia

Live on the radio oon 600 KOGO in San Diego

Live on the radio on 1320 WILS in Lansing, Michigan

Live on the radio on Michigan Talk Network

Live on the radio on 760 KFMB in San Diego

Live on national radio on The Lars Larson Show

Live on the radio on 98.9 WINA in Charlottesville Virginia

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