Are You Outraged By The CFAA Prosecution of Aaron Swartz But Not Sandra Teague?

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With Aaron Swartz’s suicide came the lifting of the floodgates for public criticism of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. The amount of venom directed at the law is second only to that directed at the federal prosecutors who were prosecuting Swartz. While I understand the emotional issues that are driving much of the criticism, as I read opinion after opinion by so many “experts” on the CFAA, I can’t help but wonder about Sandra Teague. That is, if these experts are now so concerned about how the CFAA was being used to prosecute Aaron Swartz, why didn’t they have this same concern for Sandra Teague? Or, if they were not aware of Sandra Teague before, how would they feel about her prosecution now? How about you?

Aaron Swartz Case

Much has been written about the Aaron Swartz case including an outstanding analysis by Professor Orin Kerr, a…

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