Combating Corporate Espionage Seminar – Prezi and a few thoughts
Combating Corporate Espionage

Today I had the honor of speaking at the Combating Corporate Espionage: Protecting Your Organization From “hackers, insiders & fraudster” seminar with Jarrett Kolthoff and David Major. Jarrett is the CEO of SpearTip Cyber Counterintelligence; he and I have worked together quite a bit so he first impressed me long ago with the depth of his knowledge and abilities in the area of cyber security, intelligence, and counterintelligence. The work that he and his company do are truly amazing.

This was, however, the first time I met David Major in to say that I was impressed by him would be a major understatement. He has been in the cyber intelligence/cyber espionage arena for decades and was Pres. Ronald Reagan’s chief advisor on these issues. What is more impressive, however, is that instead of fading off into the sunset he has stayed engaged for all of these years and continued to build upon his body of knowledge and expertise– you just don’t find people like this every day. #respect

David’s company, Ci Centre maintain the database Spypedia and it is one of the most comprehensive and up to the minute accurate resources of information on cyber espionage that is available anywhere in the world. If you are truly interested in this space, you need to check it out because the information available is second to none.

Anyway, to the point – here is a link to the Prezi from my presentation on several digital information law issues dealing with corporate espionage and computer fraud, i.e., fraud 2.0: Combating Corporate Espionage – Data Breach! (and the law)  — as always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know and, more importantly, if you see ways in which I can make this presentation better and more effective, please let me know because I will be speaking on this issue several times in the coming months.

Tomorrow I will again have the pleasure of sharing the stage with Jarrett and David while speaking on these issues at the 2nd Annual Dallas Institute of Internal Auditors Super Conference and I am really looking forward to it. What a week!

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