Here is an excellent article by my friend and infosecurity expert Allan Pratt explaining how employers can help reduce the risk of having employees telecommute. I trust you will find this very informative.

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In today’s work environment, costs are skyrocketing, but one way to reduce costs is to offer a telecommuting option for employees. While it may be easier for telecommuting employees to perform their work at home or in the field, the process doesn’t happen without posing serious security risks.

The number one issue is connecting from the home environment or the field environment to the office, but secure communications are often overlooked due to costs and complexity. Using a virtual private network (VPN) is the safest way to protect important data that transmits in both directions. There are inexpensive VPN’s that can either be purchased by the telecommuter and/or the company at a reasonable price. The reason for the use of VPN’s is that a lot of telecommuters tend to use free Wi-Fi in coffee shops, airports, and other places that puts data at risk from the device to the wireless…

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