Have you ever tried to physically destroy a hard drive?

I have. It is not easy. You would not believe how hard it was to do just this much damage to them.



  1. John Erickson

    And just WHAT did that poor hard drive ever do to you? 😉
    You don’t need to physically destroy them. I used to have a neat gimmick bought from Radio Shack. It was designed to guarantee total randomization of the particles on a VHS tape – most “auto-erase” features on VCRs and fast-rewinders only scrambled the signal, leaving a lot of data behind. If I needed to do so today? Probably take the hard drive out to my car and set it on the alternator for a few minutes. Enough EM coming out of that to shred your data pretty well, I imagine.
    And always remember, a fireplace doesn’t just provide a good sale point for a house. It’s also a great way to TRULY destroy paperwork. And I bet I could cook that hard drive to medium-well in only a few minutes…. 😀

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