My Appearance on Capital Thinking Radio Show

On October 13, 2011 I was a guest on Capital Thinking, a talk radio show hosted by Kevin O’Neill on which I was invited to discuss the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Here is the link to the show and my segment does not begin until right at 32 minutes into the program:

NOW, the mere fact that it is taken me over a week to post this to my blog gives testament to help busy things have been lately … but busy for a very worthy cause that will launch on October 31, 2011 — SO BE SURE TO TUNE IN FOR THAT! But, back to the program …

Kevin was a fabulous host and did a really nice job of keeping me on track despite the obvious nervousness I had from doing my first national level radio interview. It was an absolute blast and I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to get an opportunity to do so again very soon.

During my segment, we talked about my speaking engagements and publications concerning the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act such as the article entitled “What Is the CFAA and Why Should I Care?”– A Primer on the Computer Fraud and Use Act for Civil Litigators that is being published very soon the University of South Carolina Law Review.

We then talked about the nature of my practice, the manner in which I advise clients, a couple of brief historical facts about the Computer Fraud and Use Act, how it is most often used in litigation in terms of substantive cases, and the biggest problem that most lawyers have when trying to meet the “loss” requirement for pleading a simple claim. This is the issue that is focused on and explained in the forthcoming article I wrote Texas Lawyer entitled 3 Easy Steps for Pleading a Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Loss, which article should be out in a few weeks.

So everyone, go check out these resources and if there’s anything else you’d like to know about any of that is discussed in them, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help. I hope you have a great weekend and again, remember to tune back in on 10/31/11!

3 thoughts on “My Appearance on Capital Thinking Radio Show

  1. Wow, a national celebrity! I guess I’ll have to ask for an signed photograph to complete my collection. Let’s see – Tuma – you’d go in the T’s with George Takei and Gareth Thomas – yeah, I got room for one or two more. 😉
    Seriously, I’ll have to get back to your interview, but I will say it’s good to hear your work being recognised. And I will DEFINITELY swing by for the Halloween surprise! (Just no Martian invasions, okay? That’s been done to death. 😀 )

  2. I didn’t really hear any point where you got too far off-topic. I thought you stayed with the main track quite well, and explained things VERY well. Then again, I either knew too much of the stuff to get lost, or knew too little to realise what I had missed. (Probably the later.)
    Good job!

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