Ex Wife Pretending to Be 17 Yr Old on Facebook Gets Hubby Arrested by FBI

In a story available HERE, the Smoking Gun reports that an Angela Voelkert, the ex wife of David Voelkert, got her former husband busted by the FBI by setting up a fake Facebook account and pretending to be the 17 year old “comely teenage girl” pictured at the right (pic taken directly from Smoking Gun): 

The ex wife got him to admit to several criminal activities and she then provided that information to the FBI. The ex, however, was not the author of the messages. Out of concern that her ex may recognize her style of writing, she got her “pal” to engage in the fake Facebook conversations with the ex hubby …

The blabbing hubby ended up getting busted by the FBI and will be making a call to his lawyer but here’s my question to you: Was he the only one doing anything wrong here? Any of you want to put on your lawyer hats and see if there are any Computer Fraud and Abuse Act implications for anyone else? Have the Feds changed their ways since the days of Lori Drew (the infamous MySpace psycho mom in U.S. v. Drew)?

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