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If Winter2017Your Heart Skips a Beat, It May Have Been Hacked: CyberSecurity Concerns with Implanted Medical Devices, The South Carolina Law Review, Volume 67, Number 3 (co-authored by John G. Browning & Shawn E. Tuma) (forthcoming 2016)

Critical Steps Companies Must Take to Comply with New York’s Cybersecurity Rules, Ethical Boardroom (pg. 140), Winter 2017
Fortinet Book CoverSecuring Your Network & Application Infrastructure, Fortinet Security, Cover the Basics by Shawn E. Tuma

Guide to Responding to Data Breaches and Reporting Cybersecurity Incidents to Law Enforcement and Governmental Agencies

Guide to Cybersecurity for Your Law Firm

Guide to Computer Hacking Laws in Texas: Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and Texas Computer Crimes Laws

Ethical Boardroom Winter 2016Managing Cybersecurity Risks for Boards of Directors, Ethical Boardroom (p. 116), Winter 2016

Risky Business: Why lawyers need to understand cyber insurance for their clients. Texas Bar Journal, December 2015

In Search of the Golden Mean: Examining the Impact of the President’s Proposed Changes to the CFAA on Combatting Insider Misuse, SMU Science & Technology Law Review, 18 SMU Sci. & Tech. L. Rev. Number 1, Spring 2015

Cybersecurity Risk: Law and Trends – A Director’s Duties Must Evolve With The Company’s, Ethical Boardroom, Spring 2015

Regular Column, Norse DarkMatters (updated monthly)

Texas Bar JournalPractical Cyber Law: Why the Standard of Care Requires Lawyers to Have a Basic Understanding of Cyber Insurance, Volume 3 Summer 2015 Edition of Circuits, a publication of the Computer & Technology Section of the State Bar of Texas

Practical Cyber Law: Yes, Even Your Clients May Face Cyber Risk Issues, Volume 3: Winter 2015 Edition of Circuits, a publication of the Computer & Technology Section of the State Bar of Texas

Texas Business Guide: Identifying and Protecting Trade Secrets Under the (New) Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act (2015)

Computer Fraud and Abuse Act 101Texas Lawyer, Dec. 19, 2011

“What Does CFAA Mean and Why Should I Care?” A Primer on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for Civil LitigatorsThe South Carolina Law Review, Volume 63, Number 1, Autumn 2011 (DOWNLOAD .pdf)

Law in Texas Literature: Texas Justice—Judge Roy Bean Style, The Review of Litigation, Volume 21, Number 3

Contracting Over the Internet in Texas, Baylor Law Review, Volume 52, Number 2

Municipalities & The Internet: A Few Legal Issues, Thurgood Marshall Law Review, Volume 27, Number 1

It Ain’t Over ‘Til . . . A Post Y-2K Analysis of Y2K Litigation & Legislation, Texas Tech Law Review, Volume 31, Book IV

Preserving Liberty: United States v. Printz and the Vigilant Defense of Federalism, Regent University Law Review, Volume 10, Number 1

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