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The message–that’s what I’m talking about–who’s gonna get the message first?

Data breaches, hacking, and privacy are one of the biggest news stories for 2011 and we are just just barely through the first half of the year. By now even the most zoned-out among us should have heard of the hacking that led to data breaches by businesses like Sony, Citigroup, and Lockheed Martin. The list of companies that have been hacked seems like the Who’s Who of the business world. Some reports even estimate that 90% of businesses have been hit by security breaches.

This is a big issue. Very big.

And you would think that business leaders would understand that their businesses could also be at risk for such a data breach and, if it were to happen, expose the business to significant liability under various data breach notification and privacy laws in many states. The hacking…

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