Have You Ever Wondered What A Social Media Lawyer Does?

Readers of this blog will recall that last week I delivered a to Social Media Breakfast titled Social Media Law: It Is Real and Yes, Can Really Impact Your Business. The slides from that presentation are posted HERE and we expect to have the full video of the presentation posted soon. Ok, enough about me!

Today I read a fantastic blog post by Ryan Garcia (@SoMeDellLawyer) on the SoMeLaw Thoughts blog titled What The Heck Does A Social Media Lawyer Do Anyway?  Ryan is a social media attorney with Dell and he answers the question of what a social media lawyer does. He will be teaching a course on Social Media Law next Spring at the University of Texas. Ryan provides a unique insight into social media law from the perspective of someone who is inside a company and looking at this revolutionary new means of communication from the inside out — where most of us “outside counsel” have a different perspective of looking at these things from the outside in. Outside or inside, one thing you can bet, we both have a tremendous interest in #socialmedialaw #somelaw #smlaw #socialmedia #law or any other clever hashtag you can think of to describe it!

One of the things that really caught my attention about Ryan’s post is where he describes the 12 content modules for the class he will be teaching, which contain several of the subject areas that I breakdown when I give my presentations. The 12 modules Ryan uses are as follows:

  1. Social Media Overview and Categorizing Legal Risks
  2. Limiting Legal Risks: Terms and Conditions, Social Media Policies
  3. Corporate Social Media
  4. Copyright
  5. Privacy
  6. Marketing
  7. Contests and Promotions
  8. Employment
  9. Rights of Publicity
  10. Free Speech
  11. Legal Ethics
  12. Brand Damage and the Role of Attorneys

Go check out Ryan’s POST and take a look at my most recent SLIDES — and you should have a great overview of what issues we are dealing with in social media law. Ryan was kind enough to offer for me to pimp some links to my blog and slides on his post so I thought I’d return the favor — so give Ryan a shout-out and tell him thanks for being such a good guy!

One thought on “Have You Ever Wondered What A Social Media Lawyer Does?

  1. I dropped over and left Ryan a (rather specific and detailed) comment. Very interesting stuff, and I’d LOVE to sit in on your AND his class. Now if I just had the money….

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