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Proposal to Allow “Substitute Service” of Legal Documents through Social Media – What Do You Think?

I need your help — I intend to write a more thorough analysis of this issue and would appreciate your help so please tell me what you think. (see below for specific questions) A new bill proposed in Texas would allow people to be served legal documents through social media as a form of “substituted […]

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Are You Accessible?

Think about it. How accessible are you when it may matter the most? Whether your businesses is serving customers or clients, we all know that communication is an integral part of delivering good service. Often times when we think about how effectively we communicate with our customers or clients, we think about it in the […]

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Grandpaw’s Lessons: Be a Craftsman

  I have been hearing the word “craftsman” my whole life. Grandpaw taught me about it decades ago when I was just a kid. So, while this is his lesson, the truth is that I was reminded of recently when reading Seth Godin’s blog on The new craftsmanship and it had such a profound impact […]

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Dear Clients: How About We Find Some Self Confidence For You?

We all know the scenario: super hot girl with a heart of gold who would be any man’s dream girl but for one little problem. She’s hung up on a real dirt bag who treats her like trash, comes home drunk (if he comes home at all), lies, cheats, and even smacks her around here […]

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What I Learned In My First Week Using Social Media For Business

Last week I began a self-study crash course in using social media for businesses. I had to, right? I mean we are now fully engaged in this “New Economy” that is often said to be changing the way the world does business. I hope this really is the future because I have spent a week […]

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