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SC Magazine’s 2012 Data Breach Review Presentation

Here is an excellent presentation from SC Magazine that will help business leaders understand what a major threat data breach is to business: 2012 Data breach review – SC Magazine.

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Is Your Mobile Device Secure? Find Out With the FCC’s New Tool

Data security is a hot issue right now. Given the increasing popularity and prevalence of mobile devices combined with their ability to easily store and access so much of our sensitive data, mobile device security is even hotter. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) also recognizes the importance of this issue and now offers a free tool […]

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Guarding Against Idiocy (2 of 2)

(Part 2 of 2) A few days ago I posted Guarding Against the Inside Job which was the first half of this thought — today’s post is part 2 — the fun one: Idiocy! Many of you already know that this name resembles that of one of my favorite movies. Need a hint? Idiocy Yep, Idiocy […]

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Key Points of New California Data Breach Law – A Model for Others?

California’s prior data breach law was the first in the nation and turned out to be a model that other states used for their own data breach laws. Whether the new law will have that same effect remains to be seen but, just in case, here is the 30,000 feet view of what it does: […]

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Minimizing the risk of employee data breach and privacy mischief in the cloud

Employees can get into quite a bit of mischief when they have access to the company’s data — especially disgruntled employees, as we saw in yesterday’s blog Computer Fraud and Abuse Act – great tool for taming an employee that’s gone off the deep end!. The mischief they can get into is increased exponentially with the ease […]

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