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3 Steps the C-Suite Can Take to Strengthen Cyber Security

The C-Suite is ultimately responsible for failures of a company’s cyber security. A recent example of this is how Target’s CEO, CTO, and several Board Members were pushed out in the wake of its data breach. SEE BELOW FOR EVENT REGISTRATION! This puts leaders in a difficult position. It is almost a statistical certainty that […]

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Supreme Court: Private Information Is Worthy of Protection, Even on Cell Phones

In Riley v. California the Supreme Court made it clear that people’s private information is worthy of protection, even on their cell phones, in holding that cell phones are generally protected from searches without a warrant.  The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that police cannot go snooping through people’s cell phones without a warrant, in a unanimous […]

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So, your business has never had a data breach? Have you ever had an employee leave?

TAKEAWAY: Businesses must protect their data from being taken by anyone who is not authorized to have it — insiders and outsiders alike. If their data is taken in a way that is unauthorized, it is a data breach. When a former employee leaves with a thumb drive, Gmail inbox, or Dropbox of your businesses’ […]

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Private Facebook posts are protected by the SCA unless voluntarily provided by friends with access

There may be some notion of privacy in your private Facebook wall but it is at the whim of your 498 friends — is it really? A district court recently determined that Facebook wall posts are covered by the Stored Communications Act if the privacy settings are set to limit access to only friends. However, […]

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The Indispensability of Cyber Counterintelligence

You already know what a threat hacking and data breaches are to your business, right? Good. In that case, you will appreciate the following post from my friends at SpearTip about cyber counterintelligence. Here’s a little teaser: If your organization is not yet retaining a provider that specializes in this technique, referred to as “Cyber […]

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