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Learn About Social Media Through Pictures on Pinterest!

If you would like to learn a lot more about social media by simply looking at pictures instead of reading boring blog posts, I can tell you how to do it … but first you have to get to the end of this boring blog post (hint: or just skip right to the bottom if […]

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Grandpaw’s Lessons: My New Blog Series

I have decided to start a blog series called “Grandpaw’s Lessons”. The general purpose of this series will be to share many of the lessons that my grandfather taught me as well as how, throughout my life, I always seem to be getting reminded of them—sometimes in a good way, sometimes not! (depending upon whether […]

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Why Would A Lawyer Waste Time Studying Social Media?

Because I don’t want to look like an idiot! (How’s that for getting straight to the point?) I really do hope that someone out there will actually read my blog. When that actually does happen (that’s right, I am believing with faith), I suspect that the first question they will ask after seeing my posts […]

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