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iTracking II: Apple Sued Again for Violating Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

It has happened again — another plaintiff has sued Apple along with Pandora, The Weather Channel, and several “Does”  in another class action law suit for, what I have referred to as, iTracking — you know, the “scandal” that broke not too long ago about how Apple, and others, have been allegedly collecting users private […]

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Apple Should Win the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Claims …

that were filed against it for iTracking–that is, tracking and recording the details of all iPhone and 3G iPad owners’ movements without their knowledge. Here are two and a half reasons why: Why two and a half, you may wonder? Because one of the reasons is a 50/50 toss up! Apple has been sued for […]

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Apple iTracking Case: will Apple be WINNING on Computer Fraud and Abuse Act claim?

From what I’ve seen thus far, it should. But first let’s start with a little background … Apple Was iTracking and Got Sued! As anyone who is not living under a rock knows by now, Apple has been sued over the allegations that it has surreptitiously tracked and recorded the details of all iPhone and […]

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