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Two Step Data Breach Risk Test for Texas Businesses

Does your business have this digital information about other people? 1. last name + first name or first initial + social security number, driver’s license number, or other government issued identification, or account or card numbers + access codes, or 2. information that identifies an individual + concerns a health condition or healthcare  If you answered […]

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The #1 Thing Business Leaders Can Learn from Target’s CEO’s Resignation

Data security is such a threat to businesses that it must be a key tenet of leadership for the C-Suite and the Boardroom. Over the last several years I have written and spoken extensively about the risks that businesses face from the threat of data breaches. (posts) One of the points I try to make is that […]

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Corporate Espionage: Hacking A Company Through A Chinese Restaurant Takeout Menu

Corporate espionage (industrial espionage) is a favorite topic of mine. I have written and presented on the subject quite a bit and, while I am never sure how my readers react when I write about this, I do carefully watch the look on my audience members’ faces when I first mention the issue. The story […]

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Is Your Business Following the 3 Steps the FTC is Requiring for Using Data Service Providers?

The Federal Trade Commission now requires businesses to take the following 3 steps when contracting with data service providers: Investigate. Obligate. Verify. Is your business following these steps? Investigate. Businesses are required to investigate by exercising due diligence before hiring data service providers. Obligate. Businesses are required to obligate their data service providers to adhere […]

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What is Data Privacy Day and How are You Observing It?

If you have been wondering “what is Data Privacy Day?” then this is your lucky day because not only is today Data Privacy Day, but here is the answer and an explanation for why it really matters to you and your company’s future success. What is Data Privacy Day? Data Privacy Day is observed every […]

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