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3 Steps the C-Suite Can Take to Strengthen Cyber Security

The C-Suite is ultimately responsible for failures of a company’s cyber security. A recent example of this is how Target’s CEO, CTO, and several Board Members were pushed out in the wake of its data breach. SEE BELOW FOR EVENT REGISTRATION! This puts leaders in a difficult position. It is almost a statistical certainty that […]

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The #1 Thing the C-Suite Can Learn from Target’s CEO’s Resignation

Data security is such a threat to businesses that it must be a key tenet of leadership for the C-Suite and the Boardroom. Over the last several years I have written and spoken extensively about the risks that businesses face from the threat of data breaches. (posts) One of the points I try to make is that […]

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Corporate Espionage: Hacking A Company Through A Chinese Restaurant Takeout Menu

Corporate espionage (industrial espionage) is a favorite topic of mine. I have written and presented on the subject quite a bit and, while I am never sure how my readers react when I write about this, I do carefully watch the look on my audience members’ faces when I first mention the issue. The story […]

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A Hacker Can Takeover A Car Through Its Computer System — What About An Airplane?

Hackers can take over cars by hacking into their on board computer systems. Does it not stand to reason that they could do the same thing to an airplane? Maybe, maybe not, but a recent ruling by the FAA shows this was a concern for Boeing Model 777-200. Over the last few years I have […]

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Video: How Does Calling Yourself a “Hacker” Impact Your Rights In Court?

This past week the blogosphere brought a great deal of attention to the case Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC v. Southfork Security, Inc., 2013 WL 5637747 (D. Idaho Oct. 15, 2013), by claiming it held that if you call yourself a “hacker” you could lose your 4th Amendment rights. My friend Michael @theprez98 (a veteran, white-hat hacker, and student […]

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