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A Hacker Can Takeover A Car Through Its Computer System — What About An Airplane?

Hackers can take over cars by hacking into their on board computer systems. Does it not stand to reason that they could do the same thing to an airplane? Maybe, maybe not, but a recent ruling by the FAA shows this was a concern for Boeing Model 777-200. Over the last few years I have […]

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The Indispensability of Cyber Counterintelligence

You already know what a threat hacking and data breaches are to your business, right? Good. In that case, you will appreciate the following post from my friends at SpearTip about cyber counterintelligence. Here’s a little teaser: If your organization is not yet retaining a provider that specializes in this technique, referred to as “Cyber […]

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US Preparing to Do Digital Battle With Hackers – Will This Violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act?

The US could launch pre-emptive cyber strikes against countries it suspects of threatening its interests with a digital attack, under a new set of secret guidelines to safeguard the nation’s computer systems. The rules – the country’s first on how it defends or retaliates against digital attacks – are expected to be approved in coming weeks, […]

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The Law and the Hacker – Podcast on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Not too long ago I had a nice visit with Rafal Los (@Wh1t3Rabbit) who is otherwise known as the Chief Security Evangelist for HP and blogs at Following the Wh1t3Rabbit – Practical Enterprise Security. Raf is one dude you really need to follow if you’re interested in #infosec.  Anyway, our discussion was centered around the Computer Fraud and Abuse […]

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Break Into A Home, Violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act?

How’s that for a crazy sounding question? Could breaking into a home violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act? I know you’re wondering just how I come up with these crazy things, right? From the news, of course! I read a really interesting article by David Goldman on CNNMoney entitled Your Jetsons Home is Almost […]

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