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Just A Minute?

or — Just A Minute! The great strategist Napoleon has said that he was able to win so many battles because he understood the value of a minute. In The Art of Maneuver he is quoted as saying: It may be in the future that I may lose a battle, but I shall never lose […]

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Grandpaw’s Lessons: “It don’t take long to shower when the water’s cold”

This witticism was one that the old man said to my Dad and it gave me a good laugh. First, a little background about Grandpaw’s way of communicating. He didn’t usually have a whole lot to say and when he did, most people were frustrated because they believed he talked in riddles. He did. He […]

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Grandpaw’s Lessons: Be a Craftsman

  I have been hearing the word “craftsman” my whole life. Grandpaw taught me about it decades ago when I was just a kid. So, while this is his lesson, the truth is that I was reminded of recently when reading Seth Godin’s blog on The new craftsmanship and it had such a profound impact […]

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Grandpaw’s Lessons: My New Blog Series

I have decided to start a blog series called “Grandpaw’s Lessons”. The general purpose of this series will be to share many of the lessons that my grandfather taught me as well as how, throughout my life, I always seem to be getting reminded of them—sometimes in a good way, sometimes not! (depending upon whether […]

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