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Presentation: Helping Businesses Prepare for Computer Fraud and Data Breaches

Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to present to IMA – The Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business on the topic of Helping Businesses Prepare for Computer Fraud and Data Breaches. Here are the presentation slides. I was really impressed with the quality of this event on many levels — these folks […]

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Beware of this PayPal Spear Phishing Scam – I Just Got One!

There is a bogus email going around purporting to be from PayPal notifying you of charges that you did not authorize. Of course it has a “helpful” link for you to click and cancel the charges. But can you guess what happens if you click the link? You can try it but I’m not going […]

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Discussion of Problems with Proposed Cybercrime Legislation

There are many proposals floating around Capitol Hill that will purport to beef up our nation’s current cybercrime laws, first and foremost the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. I have recently read two very good articles that do a nice job of explaining many of the inadequacies of the proposed legislation and is well worth […]

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3 Recent Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Cases Worth Noting

Three recent Computer Fraud and Abuse Act cases decided over the last couple of months are worth looking at because they show the following points, respectively: (1) the CFAA in its current form does not give consumers an adequate remedy for privacy related data breach issues; (2) the CFAA’s focus on “access” is more akin […]

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Bye Bye Brekka–Hello Nosal! Ninth Circuit Warms-up to Intended-Use Theory of “Access” Under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

This past Monday I blogged of what I called the “Trilogy of Access Theories” to refer to the 3 lines of circuit court cases that have different theories for interpreting “access” under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (“CFAA”). That was a FAIL! United States v. Nosal As of today the trilogy has become a […]

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