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So, your business has never had a data breach? Have you ever had an employee leave?

TAKEAWAY: Businesses must protect their data from being taken by anyone who is not authorized to have it — insiders and outsiders alike. If their data is taken in a way that is unauthorized, it is a data breach. When a former employee leaves with a thumb drive, Gmail inbox, or Dropbox of your businesses’ […]

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Law360 article quotes Shawn Tuma on data privacy significance of U.S. v. Cotterman

BrittonTuma partner Shawn Tuma was quoted extensively about last weeks’  United States v. Cotterman opinion in a recent article titled “9th Circ. Pioneers Laptop Search Limits in Border Case“. Here are excerpts of what Tuma had to say: “The court is raising the level of the expectation of privacy in data closer to that of someone’s […]

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Podcast Discussing Data Privacy and Information Security Implications of United States v. Cotterman – Now Available!

You can now listen to the podcast for Courts Showing Greater Respect for Data Privacy – United States v. Cotterman. Click HERE! For a recap, here is my discussion of this podcast and who participated: I finished a fantastic Skype discussion of the Cotterman opinion with with Rafal Los (@Wh1t3Rabbit) and Mike Schearer (@theprez98). As you may recall from The Law and […]

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Courts Showing Greater Respect for Data Privacy – United States v. Cotterman

TAKEAWAY: Data privacy is gaining respect within the judiciary, as it should because in many ways, data is the new currency and is worthy of protection. On March 8, 2013 the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (en banc) handed down a watershed case with significant privacy implications: United States v. Cotterman, No. 09-10139 (9th Cir. Mar. 8, […]

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