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Uncle Sam doesn’t have a clue on data privacy, cyber crime laws, and neither do we!

The point of the article that is the source of the quote below is exactly right: there is no consistency, cohesiveness, or harmony with the cyber crime and data privacy laws. I believe there are several reasons but these are the two that are most prominent: The cyber crime and data privacy laws are a patchwork collection […]

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Data Breach Judgment: Will Home Depot Be the One to “Get It”?

Will Home Depot be the one that’s “gonna get it”? Based upon the information we are learning, it could be. Way back in 2011 I wrote Data Breach — Who’s Gonna Get it? and it scared people. For good reason. In that piece I wrote of how one day, in the future, a company would come along that […]

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3 Steps the C-Suite Can Take to Strengthen Cyber Security

The C-Suite is ultimately responsible for failures of a company’s cyber security. A recent example of this is how Target’s CEO, CTO, and several Board Members were pushed out in the wake of its data breach. SEE BELOW FOR EVENT REGISTRATION! This puts leaders in a difficult position. It is almost a statistical certainty that […]

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3 Important Questions the State Attorneys General Will Ask Your Company Following A Data Breach

In an earlier blog post I wrote about how [w]hen your company has a data breach, these are the top 3 questions that you will be required to answer: How did the breach happen? What steps did your company take before the breach to protect the data and keep it from happening? What steps is […]

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Two Step Data Breach Risk Test for Texas Businesses

Does your business have this digital information about other people? 1. last name + first name or first initial + social security number, driver’s license number, or other government issued identification, or account or card numbers + access codes, or 2. information that identifies an individual + concerns a health condition or healthcare  If you answered […]

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